More about Me


A big advantage when working in a project with an adequate budget for traveling is the possibility to visit a lot of interesting places in the world.

This possibility also awake my interest in taking photos. You can find some examples here (Flash required):


Currently, I am learning to play pool billard at the PBC Oberharz, where I am also forced to be the treasurer.

Moreover, I organize the poker tournaments of the PBC. Usually, I like almost all card games like Skat and Doppelkopf, but imho, poker offers the best mix between mathematics, psychology and, of course, a little bit of luck.


From time to time there is also the need to simply relax. In this case I put on my mind machine and listen to some music. Getting bored from Metal, today I prefer experimental electronic sounds like: I also like to go to live concerts, not only because it is almost impossible to reproduce the masivness of sound that you can feel during a Lustmord of Merzbow event. Unfortunatley, there are only very few located in Clausthal-Zellerfeld and around.
I also like to experiment with sound by myself, even if I have unlearned almost everything from my classical education in playing the piano and the trumpet. However, you will find some results of my try in the Protosphere- and the second Haptesha-Video.

I also like reading, especially the bizarre dramas of Chuck Palahniuk, Magnus Mills or Sibylle Berg. But since, I am a computer scientist, I also like to read "good" science fiction books, prefrable from the New Age era, like Philip K. Dick, or Cyberpunk novels.